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Applying for Finance

Can I apply to you directly for finance?
Yes, you can apply to us directly. Click here to apply now. Once submitted we will assess your application on the same day or the next available working day and confirm if it has been successful or not.

What type of assets do you finance?
Both our consumer and business finance divisions offer finance on cars, light commercial vehicles and motor cycles. Our business finance division also offer a range of finance options on heavy commercial vehicles, coaches, buses, plant and machinery.

How much will my loan cost?
Your rate of interest will be dependent on your credit rating but we always try to make sure that we work within your own budget when considering the amount we lend.

How much will PCF lend on a vehicle?  Do I need a deposit?
PCF evaluate every asset to be financed and we decide on a maximum amount that we will lend. There will be a deposit, but the exact amount will depend on the asset valuation and the sale price

Who will PCF deal with as a vehicle supplier?
We can deal with any vehicle dealership or other commercial supplier. We do not deal with private vendors.Credit Expert

How do PCF pay out the loan?
We pay directly to the supplier.

What do I do if I have been refused for credit?
In the first instance you should obtain a copy of your credit file report. We use a company called Experian for our credit searches. An instant access online copy of this report is available from Experian's consumer website.

How can I improve my credit records?
Pay off any current debts on time to show you are committed to future repayments. Don't keep applying for credit as this will show on your record, and may reduce your credit score. Make sure you are on the electoral role as many lenders use this to check who you are and never miss out any previous addresses. 

Are you authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority?
Yes, the following companies are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority;

Private and Commercial Finance Company Limited (Registered in England – 1015704)
PCF Credit Limited (Registered in England – 1775045)
PCF Asset Finance Limited (Registered in England – 3766998


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