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Car Finance

Private & Commercial Finance has been helping customers finance cars for over 20 years.
So, if you have identified a vehicle online or onsite and need help with finance, please get in touch with us.
We have simple criteria, new or used with a minimum lend of £3,000.

We have extensive experience and market knowledge, developed over 20 years and can assist with your purchase throughout the entire process.
As an established finance company we offer a range of finance options to suit you, including balloon payments and repayment periods up to 5 years. Our flexible finance solutions allow you to make additional lump sum payments (up to £8,000 per year) in order to reduce the repayment period or reduce the monthly payments.  

Quick Quote and Questions
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Why choose Private & Commercial Finance?

1. Independent finance company, listed on the AIM stock market for over 15 years;
Fast, personal customer service;
We do not rely on an automated credit scorecard;
Fixed interest rate for the length of the deal, so your monthly payment stays the same;
We do not used automated phone systems. When calling you will speak directly with one of our underwriters;
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Application Process
Step 1 - Apply online
Complete the application form for individuals or business. It's all on one page so it only takes a minute to complete.

Step 2 - Get a decision
Once you press 'submit', we will undertake the usual credit check and then contact you to give you a decision in principle and discuss further details of the asset you are looking to purchase and how much you wish to borrow. We will then provide you with a no-obligation quote and if you decide to proceed we will prepare the necessary agreement keeping you informed along the way. 

Step 3 - Enjoy your new purchase
Once we receive the paperwork back from the dealer/seller and your signed documents, we can arrange for the funds to be transferred and you can then enjoy your new purchase. 

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