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Board of Directors

 Tim Franklin - PCFG

Tim Franklin
Non-executive Chairman

Tim has a financial services background and has worked in banking for a number of organisations for over 30 years. He is currently a non-executive at the Post Office – the UK’s largest financial services retailer by number of outlets. Tim sits on the Audit Committee at the Post Office and also chairs the Post Office Advisory Council. He is also Senior Independent Director at HM Land Registry. Tim is an ILM qualified Level 7 Coach and works extensively with senior executives across many industries both in the UK and internationally.

Anthony Nelson - PCFG

Anthony Nelson
Non-executive Director

Tony is one of the founding directors of Private & Commercial Finance Group plc and a member of The Association of Corporate Treasurers. After qualifying as a solicitor, he held senior management positions with various multi-nationals, including Chief Executive of McDonnell Douglas Bank Limited from 1981 to 1993 and Chief Executive of Private & Commercial Finance Group plc from 1994 to 2008.

David Morgan - PCFG

David Morgan
Non-executive Director

David was appointed as a non-executive director in July 2012. He has over thirty-five years' experience in international banking, building his career at Standard Chartered Bank in Europe and the Far East. Since leaving Standard Chartered in 2003 he has been involved in a range of business advisory and non-executive roles. He is currently a non-executive director of Somers Limited, Bermuda Commercial Bank Limited, Waverton Investment Management Limited and Ascot Lloyd Financial Services Limited. He is also Chairman of Harlequin FC, the Premiership rugby club.

Mark Brown - PCFG

Mark Brown 
Non-executive Director

Mark has been Chairman of Stockdale Securities since November 2014. He was previously Chief Executive of Collins Stewart Hawkpoint and brings a wealth of experience and leadership in both small and large financial services business. Having worked as Global Head of Research for ABN AMRO and HSBC and as Chief Executive of ABN’s UK equities business, Brown led the successful turnaround of Arbuthnot Securities followed by Collins Stewart Hawkpoint.

Scott Maybury - PCFG

Scott Maybury
Chief Executive

Scott holds a degree in business studies and is a qualified accountant. He spent six years with BHP-Billiton, Australia’s largest multi-national corporation, and five years with McDonnell Douglas Bank. He is one of the founding directors of Private & Commercial Finance Group plc and was previously Finance Director until October 2008.

Robert Murray - PCFG

Robert Murray
Managing Director

Robert holds the ACIB Banking Diploma and has over thirty-five years banking and finance experience. He heads both the Business and Consumer Finance Divisions and has extensive experience in lending to personal, corporate and international customers. He is one of the founding directors of Private & Commercial Finance Group plc.

David Bull - PCFG

David Bull
Finance Director

David holds a first class degree in Mathematics and Statistics and is a qualified chartered accountant. After qualifying in 1996 he has worked in the Banking sector across a number of institutions including KPMG, Deutsche Bank and was interim Chief Financial Accountant at the Bank of England. Recently David worked as Director of Finance and Company Secretary at Hampshire Trust Bank plc where he was instrumental in setting up the banking operations of that specialist challenger bank. David joined Private & Commercial Finance Group plc in August 2015.

Corporate governance
The Company has had non-executive directors since May 1995. Meetings of the board of directors are held on a regular monthly basis. The Board has adopted the requirements of the ‘Corporate Governance Guidelines for Smaller Quoted Companies’ published by the Quoted Companies Alliance to the extent that it considers it appropriate and having regard to the Company’s size and nature.
Audit committee
The Audit Committee consists of the five non-executive directors and is chaired by Tim Franklin. The Audit Committee meets twice a year and is responsible, inter alia, for ensuring that the financial performance of the group is properly reported and monitored and also for meeting the auditors and reviewing the reports from the auditors in relation to the financial statements and internal control systems.
Remuneration Committee
The Remuneration Committee consists of the five non-executive directors and is chaired by Anthony Nelson. The Remuneration Committee is responsible, inter alia, for reviewing the performance of the executive directors and for setting the scale and structure of their remuneration and the basis of their service contracts, bearing in mind the interests of the shareholders.


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