Please find below sections detailing frequently asked questions.

My Existing Agreement

Can I pay off the agreement early?
Yes you can, by obtaining a Settlement Figure. To obtain a settlement figure please click here.
Depending on the nature of your agreement, you may receive a rebate of interest for settling early. Where this applies we follow government regulations in applying the rebate.

Can I change my vehicle during the agreement?
Each finance agreement is related to a specific asset or assets. You cannot change the asset and keep the agreement running. You will need to settle the agreement by obtaining a settlement figure as above.
If you are considering swapping your vehicle we suggest you obtain a settlement figure and try to establish what your current vehicle would be worth if you offered it to a dealer in part exchange for a replacement vehicle. Once you have this information we recommend contacting our New Business department to discuss your options.

How do I inform you of a change of address?
You need to write to us or send an email to the credit team at creditcontrol@pcfg.co.uk

Can I sell my car to settle my agreement?
Yes you can, but only with our agreement and you must pay off the finance agreement immediately. Selling the car without settling the finance agreement is illegal and is a breach of the terms of your agreement.

My finance is split into two agreements - why?
Our Conditional Sale Agreements are restricted to the trade value of the vehicle being purchased, however we appreciate that most dealers sell their vehicles closer to its retail value. If required, and subject to you credit rating, we offer our customers an unsecured personal loan to run alongside the main agreement; this covers the shortfall between the trade and retail values of the vehicle.

Can I have a statement of my account?
Yes, please contact us to request one.

Can I change my payment date?
This is possible, depending on circumstances, but may incur a charge. Contact us to discuss.

Why do I need to provide my postcode when making a card payment?
For your added protection, when payments are made to us by a Debit or Credit card we utilise our card processors antifraud post code recognition system. This is where your agreement postcode is verified to the data held by your Credit/Debit Card issuer. Should the data supplied not match then your payment will be rejected and held in transition account between ourselves and your card issuer and then be returned to your bank usually within 5 days. Therefore it’s vitally important to ensure to make if you give us the correct details as to where the card is registered too to avoid this problem.


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